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Less than a week to go now

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Less than a week to go until we leave! I've been with Mum and Dad for the last week in Lismore on the lovely Far North Coast, and now we're at Matt's parents house in Laidley (west-ish of Bris Vegas). I keep wanting to buy and eat food I think I won't get to eat for a year! Nom nom nom.

It's strange writing a blog for people to actually read about things I do, have done or plan to do, but then I suppose a lot of things are strange and I don't notice.

A note on the blog subtitle... It's a quote I found in an old notebook of my Grammy's, on Monday this week. Also on Monday this week Matt and I went for a drive down to Bundjalung National Park in Evans Head. Mum's family grew up in Evans and my grandmother did rather a lot of work in the community, enough that they have just added a very spiffy poster of her achievements to a series of 'local personalities' in the little museum at Evans. One of the cool things she did was work to get Bundjalung gazetted as a National Park in the 60s, as it was /is a site of significance for the Bundjalung people. I haven't been for a while so I wanted to go down and do the walk with Matt.

Funnily enough, the quote began an entry for 14th January 1976 - 6 years, to the day, before I was born. It so sounded like something I would write or think (let's be honest, have thought, have written) about many things I do, it really jumped out at me. It seemed appropriate for Timor, too. Anyway, the notebook has her thoughts about working with the Box Ridge Aboriginal reserve - she was looking for funding and contacts for activities, employment, environmental regeneration, all sorts of stuff for this particular community. It was fantastic to read (well the bits I could decipher - apparently incomprehensible handwriting runs through both sides of the family too).

Anyway, it's a thought I expect to have quite a lot over the next year, so I thought I'd put it on here. Other thoughts I have at the moment centre around the dismal Australian dollar (sad when 68 US C looks good), what I might say to Matt's mum's year 4 class about volunteering for a year (how to explain gender inequality nicely?) and oh how I will miss having internet and triple J radio at home, about 1000 times more than chocolate (but then, I'm not a sweet tooth).

OMG! Less than a week to go! I still don't believe that this is happening, but now I'm not packing, I sure am a hell of a lot less stressed. ahhhhh.

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