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Saturday 14th March - 3 months, 26 days

When I was arranging a house viewing time on Sunday with potential housemates (Brie and Kitu are moving out late next month), I couldn’t have people over to look at the room at 11, because Brie says she’ll be packing to go away; so I arranged for people to come at 1.30, because that was more convenient for her (and it means we can go out for a bike ride and breakfast); but …

This morning I had this awful premonition that there would be cockfights tomorrow when everyone was coming over, and it seems that’s what’s planned. Cockfights apparently will start around 2 – maybe 3 – maybe 4.

I would try to be more patient about this, but our neighbours/landlords held cockfights Thursday afternoon in the yard next door – just before we had two people over to look at the house. Now apparently there are more cockfights this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon – but our landlord / neighbour who runs the cockfights can’t say what time (nobody does ‘time’ here except malae).

I would like someone else to sort this out plzkthx.* I don’t want our potential tenants to be scared off (because they don’t have cockfights all the time like this, despite the recent appearance of all those roosters)… and apart from anything else I don’t fancy shouting over 10 screeching roosters. ‘YES WE REALLY LIKE IT HERE, THE ROOM’S $200 A MONTH. NOISE? WHAT NOISE? OH YOU GET USED TO THAT.’

  • This would be easier if people didn’t keep assuming that I am the only person who can talk about the room. Everyone contacts me, nobody contacts Matt, about this.

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