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Friday 5th June – 6 months, 20 days

Landlord / neighbour came over last night to check when my rent was paid up to. (20th of June.)


So he could tell me to move out, of course. He’s been bugging me for the last six weeks about paying him the next three months’ worth of rent (so the house would be paid until 20th September),* but at some point since the last time he did that, his parents have decided they want to move in with him. So he wants to put them in this house, and he and his wife will move into the little unit on the side of the house.

I’m absolutely, completely, utterly over people pushing me around, so I told him that I couldn’t move out until I’d found a new place. He wasn’t very happy about that – I think he wants me gone pretty much as of now, so he can do various things to the house.

I pointed out that if he’d told me a few weeks ago, I would have had a much better chance of finding a place before the 20th of June (it really is difficult to find places here, and they go really quickly). Of course I’ll pay for extra weeks I’m here – I know he just wants me out – but really, I can’t do more than that. He looked a bit dumb when I said that.

It’s funny, though. It really illustrates just how different the mindset about housing is here. This really is THEIR house; I just happen to be living in it, but they think nothing of telling me I have to go, because they want to use it. Now. There are no property laws so anything goes, you’re totally at the mercy of your landlord.

Anyway, I am hoping to find a place that is quieter (emphasis on ‘er’, there’s no such thing as a quiet place in Dili), closer to work and maybe even with a Western bathroom. Who knows. Wherever it is, it will be far away from my arsehole neighbours :D tra la la!

(UPDATE: On Saturday he came by to tell me that a place two doors over was available. It doesn’t have a proper kitchen or bathroom, though, and would still be near all the noise everyone at his place makes. So, no thankyou.)

  • We had a contract. Obviously, the contract should be obeyed when I owe him money, but not when I need a place to live.

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