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Another example of how this house is *really* not considered mine. I came home on Friday to discover that a whole lot of light switches in the house had been replaced, and the tap had been ‘fixed’ (the handle had come off, and they put it back on, but it still doesn’t stay on).

I am sure the landlord used his keys to get in and do this because he wants to fix the house up for his parents (although it seems a bit odd – I mean, the light switches didn’t all need replacing). However, given he’s decided I need to move out in two weeks, I don’t trust him further than I can throw him, now. So the doors are now secured with extra locks so that he can’t just unlock the door and get in when I’m not here. A part of me feels sad about this, because I’ve never had a reason to mind them going into the house and doing stuff while no one was home. They’ve never really done that before, anyway. But I can’t have him doing it without telling me, and I don’t trust him not to just get some mates to move my stuff out of the house.

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