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I never thought I would be so glad to listen to Radio Nation

Day 2

sunny 28 °C

But, I am. First there was the excitement of discovering that my HP iPAQ (spiffy device that HP gave me last year in return for my labour, which I am using as a phone now after a year of not knowing what to do with it - yay hoarding) receives FM radio, after I managed to coax the bloody thing to start up while also holding a Timor Telecom SIM card inside it (thank God for manuals).

Then there was slight disappointment as I realised that the radio volume doesn’t go above a whisper – unless you press a button on the earphones... like, keep pressing it. Continuously. Argh.

Excitement returned when I plugged in my teeny clock radio and I got some dude talking about the Australia movie blaring out loud and clear. I must thank Matt for suggesting I bring it. I had previously viewed my poor little years-old, crackly clock radio with disdain, thinking I’d replace it soon. Now I could cuddle the dear little thing. So light! So small! But so good with the Radio National-ness!

I miss you Triple J, you’re the one. But Radio National is gonna hafta be The One For Now.

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We also had a tour of the town today. THE LITA SUPERMARKET HAD YOGHURT. The Kmanek (slightly smaller) had spice for cheap, about the only thing that is cheap other than bottled water. A large box of Rice Bubbles costs $11.50 USD; the 900g tub of yoghurt (Vaalia) cost $7.60 USD!!! But as the capitals might indicate... I was very excited and I don’t care. Mmmmmyoghurt.

Also of note on the tour was the Xanana Gusmao Reading Room, where I was informed that if I would be so kind as to leave a book of my own, I would be allowed to take a book for my own reading pleasure. Sounds like a great system, fantastic for poorbie volunteers to share entertainment, etc. Except, um, I don’t wanna give away any of my books. I like my books. I love my books. It was so hard to choose which books to bring, that now, looking at my selection, I think I may have left behind some really essential books and am concerned that I don’t have nearly enough. (Even though I know I left them because I was concerned that I had about 568 kilos of excess baggage.) MINE. Kristy and all other bibliophiles will understand.

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We got moved out of the shoebox this morning, into a lovely room with a double bed, quieter aircon, fridge, tv, table, chairs, and a bigger bathroom with a proper shower. V. unexpected. Sadly, the toilet doesn't work quite as well. I tried out my Indo on the poor unsuspecting woman-in-charge and got some communication going, although sadly I keep forgetting crucial words.

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Oh, and, it’s fucking humid. Buuut it makes a change from being freezing cold all the time. Get to have a whole new wardrobe, for starters. And it’s not like we didn’t expect it. :)

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