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Book review: Contest, by Matthew Reilly

Ironically sad but true: Now I have all this free time to read, I find myself with little access to decent books – or even many books. If I could open a store here, it would be a bookstore. I would make a killing from expats who are are dying for a decent book in their own language (not that Timorese literature seems to be common) and I would be able to order whatever I wanted to read myself. Maybe I could sponsor some reading classes to increase literacy AND clientele at the same time... muahahaha... this is not exactly benevolent development, now is it? But damn, I would like some books to read.

To illustrate just how bad some of these books are, here is a book review of probably the worst (Matt put me on to this one):

Contest, by Matthew Reilly

The best part of this dreadful book is the wanky introduction and even wankier ‘interview’ of the author at the end, both written by the author. All else in between is not only predictable (man must fight alien creatures in a contest to the death to save both himself and his daughter! Will they survive? Der), but written in this awful kind of blow-by-blow prose: ‘Sam looked towards the door. He took three steps. He put one hand on the door. He paused. He turned the handle. The door swung open.’ For God’s sake! ‘He opened the door carefully’, wouldn’t that do?

Since the ‘contest’ takes place in the New York State Library, and the poor old library sustains more injuries than the protagonist, I have to say the main thing this book left me with was the question: what did the author have against the New York State Library?

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Next time - a positive book review! I'll do The Adventures of Beedle the Bard, by JK Rowling.

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