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Why I haven't posted many photos yet

For anyone wondering why I haven’t gotten around to posting photos yet, here is my poor excuse.

It is a whoooole lotta effort.

I have to:

1. plug my Ericsson / HP iPAQ / camera’s memory card / Matt’s camera into my laptop. (Problem number 1: too many cameras.)
2. transfer the photos into my computer.
3. trawl through the hundreds of photos to find the ones I want to use.
4. save these photos onto a USB key.
5. go to the intarwebs cafe.
6. plug in my USB key.
7. upload photos into a blog entry.
8. write blog entry about photos.

Add to this the fact that my one working USB key got a virus on it which meant I had to delete all of my carefully-selected photos for posting, and every time I've tried to post photos so far the connection has been unusually slow, and you will begin to understand why I haven't posted many photos yet...

Like iPods, I can see why other people enjoy doing it, but man it’s such a lot of TIME! * With photos, I particularly question the effort, as I am a pretty poor photographer. Be sure that I love you all very much to bother.

Additionally, the one and only time I attempted to upload photos to Facebook, I simply couldn’t figure out how to do it... yes I’m sure it’s very easy but no I couldn’t work it out... and that also discouraged me.

  • I swear I am the only person I know who doesn’t have an iPod. Even Matt has one now - although he originally wanted one only so he could put the beep test on it (a running pace thing). I think it takes up too much time making playlists, considering that I enjoy listening to silence or street sounds when I’m walking, I don’t like loud music right in my ears, I think it’s kind of a way to ignore other people and I don’t always want to do that, and I prefer the radio anyway. I have two phones which have a music player function in case I ever change my mind, in any case.

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