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Things we do in Timor: watch MASH

Besides reading, we watch an awful lot of DVDs. Now I know this is normal for many other people, but back home, I rarely watched tv and any time I spent watching dvds was pretty much procrastination from some other activity I should have been doing (most notably, uni work or packing). So it is still like a treat for me – that I can have every day! OMG!

I think the stand out winner for what we watch most often will be MASH. Is that anyone else’s guilty pleasure? It sure was mine, until I found out Matt liked it too. After we had that conversation – ‘I see the full dvd set of MASH is on sale ... all eleven seasons...’ ‘Oh, do you like MASH too?’ ‘OMG I LOVE MASH’ ‘OMG ME TOO’, I believe there were declarations of love anew all round.

So anyway, there are around 24 episodes per season. Not only is it great (well apart from when I want to throw things at the computer when the men all sexually harass the women for laughs – God being a feminist is hard on your sense of humour) but there is LOTS OF IT.

Having now watched the entirety of the first two seasons, I am tempted to write an essay on Character Motivations of MASH. I am dying to know what these characters are like in their home lives... and I am particularly interested in Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan's character.

muahahaha awful essay a-brewing!!! See this is what happens when I take a semester off from uni...(although it's really summer holidays still at the moment)... I end up making up crazy assignments for myself!!!

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