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Monday 2nd March – 3 months, 14 days

1. Pay day today! – from AVI, anyway. AVI pay me every three months. Since I can’t operate on this freewheeling basis, transferring and withdrawing cash willy-nilly, I pretend that it is like the public service in Australia, and I ‘pay’ myself onto my travel debit card, yes, on public service payday, every second Thursday.

2. Fun fact: It is not actually more ‘correct’ (politically or otherwise) to call East Timor ‘Timor-Leste’. Like ‘East Timor’ is the Anglo version of the name of this country, ‘Timor-Leste’ is actually the Portuguese version. ‘Timor Lorosa’e’ is Tetum and apparently means ‘Land of the rising sun’, but really this could also be seen as another reference to the fact that ‘Timor’ means ‘east’ (‘timur’ in Bahasa Indonesia).

So no matter what language we’re using, we’re pretty much calling it ‘East East’ (and the West Timorese are the West Eastese).

3. Electricity: I should just learn that if the electricity is on, I shouldn’t arse about on the laptop playing spider solitaire and wasting precious time, I should write blog entries, read stuff for my thesis, etc.

4. Things that make me happy: Playing swing music on the computer while I do stuff. It puts me straight back into Macgregor Hall, or Albert Hall, or the UniPub, dancing, watching my friends, the space where you can get away a bit.

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