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February 2009

Making friends is more difficult than I remembered

I knew it would be difficult – I am just not the kind of person who makes friends easily. It takes me years of living in a place to get comfortable and find good friends, and I always forget that.

Most people don’t like small talk but the fact is I kind of like to throw conversational bombs out there because I get bored asking people the normal questions. This probably doesn’t help me in the making-friends stakes. Sure, kindred spirits come along every now and then, gracefully take those conversational bombs and lob a few of their own back. But unfortunately I think I mostly just scare people off. Shame.

I shouldn’t whinge too much. I have just met a couple of people I quite like in the last couple of weeks, who are very friendly, plus everyone I work with is awesome – we just don’t hang out outside of work.

I guess I just thought there would be more of a volunteer network than there is – that Matt and I would be invited to more things. It’s hard to tell.

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Too much exercise

So I get a lot of exercise here (when I am not too sick to leave the house, that is). So much so that I had to cut it back even before I got sick this last week. The week before, I walked half an hour each way to work each day (no choice, I do that all the time even when I’m sick because there’s no other way), went to swingdancing, went to yoga (not a nice easy class either – v. energetic) and ran three times. I thought I’d get fitter from doing all this exercise all the time, and I suppose I have, but it turns out it often just makes me exhausted as well.

For example, I’m attempting do Couch to 5K, a running program that lets you build up from running one minute at a time to half an hour, by running/walking three times a week for nine weeks. I’ve worked out that I don’t actually have enough energy to walk to work every day *and* run three times a week, even when I’m feeling well. So once I am better again I will try for once or twice a week. I don’t mind doing the program more slowly.

The funny thing is that I actually really don’t like running. So I could just save myself some angst and quit. I’m just not a runner. I’m super slow and it feels awkward and difficult.

However, it’s possible I don’t like running because I’m not very good at it, and I really do want to be fitter. So I’ve persevered (if only because I am bloody-minded). I try to make it a rule that all the other exercise I do is stuff I enjoy. Plus I really enjoy setting goals and achieving them. It’s just like when I hate having to stay home on a weekend and study, but I really enjoy getting good marks for my assignments.

EDIT: Still haven't taken running back up yet as consider I am still resting from being ill. Think I might try again some time next week.

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Did I mention that I am sick? Because, I am sick.

Tuesday 10th February – Saturday 14th February - 2 months, 25 – 29 days

Well this week was marked by being sick, mainly. The weirdest thing was having wildly itchy hands and feet. It was quite painful, so painful that I had to ask Matt to cut my food into pieces etc because using a knife was too painful.

On Thursday evening I felt well enough to have a friend over for dinner – Emily – so perhaps I will eventually (a) get better (b) make friends? Who knows!

People keep telling me I must rest, which is very hard to do when we don’t have a car and I keep having to have tests that necessitate multiple trips around town. Friday was spent catching taxis from one side of town to the other, because I had to have more blood tests, and the doctor and the hospital are on opposite ends of town. Happily the test results say that I am getting better, however it does make me ask why I had to exhaust myself to find this out. I was wrecked Friday evening and I’ve been pretty tired all day Saturday.

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Anniversary, bushfires, and dengue fever

Monday 9th February - 2 months, 24 days

Matt and I have been together 18 months today, but we were kind of distracted by the fires in Victoria and by finding out I have, not a cold, but dengue fever. Oops.

What’s most upsetting about the bushfires is that people are saying – just like they said about the Canberra bushfires six years ago – is that it came out of nowhere, they felt they didn’t have warning, etc. I find this very difficult to take.

Late edit: Matt brought me a box of chocolates! Awww. The world’s gone to hell, I’m sick, but hey, we have chocolates.

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Still sick

Friday 6th February – Sunday 8th February - 2 months, 21, 22, 23 days

Still sick. Wednesday’s comment stands. It even hurt to blink for most of today. Now I have taken Panadol I am relishing the joy of being able to blink without pain.

Matt is awesome, he has been looking after me all day. Thanks sweetness, you are the best.

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