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February 2009

Slow day

Monday 23rd February 2009 – 3 months, 7 days

I spent all day in the office on my own today catching up and searching for articles and reports etc for potential thesis topics (I am on program leave for this semester, but I am trying to decide my thesis topic for second semester by April). So far there is not a great deal on any of the five (or seven) potential topics I have, which means (a) great, an opportunity to do original research! (b) great, not only could I have a thesis topic, but some article topics! (c) crap, where do I begin, how do I choose? O deer.

I am writing this entry at the end of the week, looking back with nostalgia at all that time I had to get through such a small amount of work at that point, and reflecting on how in the public service it’s all or nothing. You either have no work or too much work. There is no in-between, no happy medium, no day when you just have enough work to do. Too much or not enough!

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Eleven roosters and two fighting dogs from sleep

Friday 20th February – Sunday 22nd February – 3 months, 4 – 6 days

On Friday morning I woke to what sounded like the incessant crowing of a rooster – directly outside my window.

After a while, I couldn’t stand it any more, so I went outside to investigate.

I found eleven roosters tied up around the yard.

Yes. Eleven. Eleven roosters.

I used to think that I was a heavy sleeper. I’ve slept through countless fire alarms and even helicopter noise, a helicopter flying directly over my house that is.

But with dogs fighting under my window at 3am, roosters around the yard, motorbikes being revved at 7am, and bingo in Indonesian at 1am, I must conclude that I am a delicate flower who can no longer claim to be a heavy sleeper (that or that everyone else is extremely noisy, which is the version of events that I favour). It’s a shame because part of the attraction of this place when we moved in was that there were no roosters nearby (Vila Bemori was nice for the first month but the roosters crowed all day and night). My housemate Brie tells me that the neighbours / our landlords are planning cockfights, so that’s why there are so many roosters. Oh well.

Anyway, it seems I am the only delicate flower in the neighbourhood who actually has to go to work during the day – I guess they like it noisy, probably sounds normal and friendly to them. Also, everyone else is self-employed or unemployed, I suppose, so they can nap all day if they so choose. Including the bloody dogs. Damn. Lucky bastards.

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Sick, not sick, who knows?

I thought that I should write on here that we are not sure if Matt really had or has dengue. I thought it was heading that way because he totally had some of the symptoms, but now isn't really sick like I was. So, hey, he's lucky - so far!

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Geez I am tired of the capitals in the headings for entries

It makes my page look soooo 1992. Also the Times New Roman, argh.

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A thought

Funny how these birthday entries all come out completely different. I suppose I’m illustrating what I thought I would – how differently people think about each other. An illustration of the uniqueness of individuals and what each different person means to you.

And so on, thoughtful pause, blah blah, wank wank, etc.

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