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April 2009

Weather report

Weekend – Saturday 18th April – Sunday 19th April – 5 months, 2-3 days

It has been HOT here lately. The weather broke again yesterday, so we had some late wet-season rain, and it’s overcast today – not the greatest for my washing, but on the other hand it’s nice that it’s merely warm instead of dreadfully hot.

That said, I still prefer being hot all the time to being cold. I reckon if I get to the end of the year here, then escape the build-up by going into Canberra’s dry summer, by March next year I will probably be ready to have winter again. Canberra winter, even.

JOKE! I will never be ready for another Canberra winter! 9 ‘real’ winters in Armidale and Canberra and I will be forever scarred and wishing I could always live on a tropical island. If only I could work out a way to spend my winters in Darwin, that would be marvellous.

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OK that’s it Tropical Bakery

Friday 17th April – 5 months, 1 day

Tropical Bakery and Café is a malae eatery across town (near the UN quarters, the Obrigado Barracks) which people raved about for months. I’ve eaten at Tropical Bakery four times now in the last three weeks, and the only thing that is (a) tasty (b) not suspect is the cheese croissant. And it’s not really that tasty, it’s just that the other things I ate were so not tasty it elevates the croissant in comparison.

I quit! I refuse to pay expensive prices ($7-$10 USD) for lukewarm, oily food that is possibly making me sick.

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O yes by the way did I mention

Thursday 16th April – 5 months

...that East Timor has crocodiles? No? Well that was for the benefit of my parents.

You know how we went on a trip to the beach when Lena was here? Oh and I took her out to the Cristo Rei (Christ Statue) beach as well? Well… one week later and we have had warnings not to go to either as a crocodile has been seen at each beach.


Mum, Dad, you know how I am really poor at swimming? Well I promise I didn’t even go in the water at the Cristo Rei and at K45 I was only like 3m from shore. *nods*

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Happy birthday Patrick!

Wednesday 15th April – 4 months, 30 days

Happy quarter century to my one and only little (haha) brother Patrick, who also celebrated Easter by purchasing a house with his lovely girlfriend, Ash. So awesome!

I would like to publicly embarrass Patrick here in a similar manner to my dad in February. Patrick and I get on very well when we live hundreds of k’s apart, which is a nice way of saying that we bug the hell out of each other ordinarily.

However, I can say with 100% guarantee that however much we annoy each other (like fire to gunpowder...), if ever I have a crisis Patrick is always there for me, willing to lend money, give his straight-out opinion (we do share characteristics and bluntness is one of them) or just tell me not to overreact.

You are a fantastic person, dude, and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to be my brother if I could, I am so proud to be related to you. xxoo

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So I like to gush, so sue me

Many people have been wonderful to me recently and I have tried to convey that in various entries, in emails, etc. I wanted to single a few more people out for special mentions, though:



My mum and dad

What do all these people have in common? They send me texts that keep me going, that is what. I just wanted to say thankyou.

Love you all. xxxxoooo

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