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April 2009

Happy birthday Kim!

Tuesday 14th April – 4 months, 29 days

Ah it’s birthday season again! Happy 13th birthday to another little cousin, Kim. Last time I saw you I think I was taller, but by now I’m sure you’ve got at least 6 inches on me, doll. Hope the gift arrived in good condition, Kerry said you loved it so I'm really pleased! I was hoping you'd be a silver jewellery kind of girl! xxoo

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Kristy and Kev = awesome / Spontaneous Easter trip to Darwin

Thursday 9th April – Monday 13th April – 4 months, 24 – 28 days

So a couple of weeks ago, in an email exchange, the lovely Kristy asked if I would want to go to Darwin for Easter with her and the equally lovely Kevin. Flights were not too expensive (I knew I should hang onto those savings for something) so I said Yay! And an awesome weekend was had by all.

I spent Thursday doing things in Darwin that I cannot do in Timor and thus spared Kristy and Kev from severe boredom. Rest assured, though, *I* thoroughly enjoyed the novelty of being in a country with 24 hour electricity, safe tap water, hot showers, and a city centre that was oh so easy to get around. Now I am v. bad with directions and finding shops in general, so it was truly amazing to easily find Woolies, the post office and the doctor all on my own.

On Saturday it got even better – we caught a bus across town! A bus! With aircon! And bus timetables! Oh my!

Seriously, it isn’t just me, everyone gets like this when they come back from Dili (and other countries, I’m sure, but I haven’t travelled much, remember). I shared a taxi from the airport with another girl from Dili and she confided in me that she was really looking forward to going to Woolies, and I was all ‘OMG ME TOO’. haha.

Really it was a quiet weekend, just dvd watching and swimming in the hotel pool (yay, pool), shopping (I went to Dymocks! Bliss!), cooking etc. We saw The Boat That Rocked at the cinema – I never thought I’d miss the cinema because I’m not really a big movie goer, I just go when others want to, but I was dying to go.

It was also fantastic being able to call people and have them call me – I am so glad I kept my Australian mobile service, even if global roaming is disgustingly expensive. Free calls within Australia for one weekend of the year was worth it. Especially since everyone was so lovely to me on the phone :) thankyou.

The other super fun bit was eating dinner at The Duck’s Nuts bar. (A) for the name (b) because they played a swing song, Kev and I danced, and in that way that when you’re swingdancing in a place people don’t usually swingdance, we got stares and applause. Hehe.

Oh and guess how much I spent at the chemist? No, really, guess.

… Higher.


$188.10 AUD.

totally worth it!

  • **

Thankyou again Kristy and Kev :) for suggesting such an awesome idea (I didn't tell you this, but I was dying to go to Australia or at least on holiday somewhere but didn't want to go on my own) AND for all the fun AND for the extremely pretty necklace. :) :) :)

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Holiday health status

Wednesday 8th April - 4 months, 23 days

...Sick, of course.

I’d just like this space to mark the fact that while I was on leave from work on Thursday 2nd April to Monday 13th April, I was sick. Yes. Again. Nothing serious – merely stomach cramps 24 hours a day and then a mild bout of tonsillitis. I got better on the Monday and on Tuesday I was back at work!

You may be sure that I came back from Darwin with a truckload of herbal remedies in a renewed attempt to stave off random illnesses.

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Happy birthday Briony

Sunday 5th April 2009

O lovely girl. Hope you are celebrating in style. I miss you. xxoo

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Thanks for coming to visit, Lena

It was fantastic having you here and getting to show you around Dili and surrounds. :)

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