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May 2009

Happy birthday Cass

Thursday 30th April – 5 months, 14 days

Happy birthday to my lovely, my sweet, my Cass. Good luck for the last few weeks of the Masters, here’s to finishing degrees! Love you.

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Sacrificing my own dignity to bring laughs to the masses

Wednesday 29th April – 5 months, 13 days

Now when I say this, please remember when you laugh that I am telling you this because I have no one to complain to here, and I am a little upset.

My cleaner quit… and she stole some of my underwear.


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The Vagina Monologues

Tuesday 28th April – 5 months, 12 days

Headed out on Tuesday evening to catch the play The Vagina Monologues for the first time ever. I had read snippets of the skits, so I knew they were quite powerful, but, really, I was absolutely blown away.

I won’t bore you with more as you should simply go see it next time it hits your town. Yes blokes included if you dare, although I imagine watching it with only women in the audience would be a unique experience.

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Apparently we have another long weekend coming up

Monday 27th April – 5 months, 11 days

Half of Dili is heading to Jacou on the other side of the island this weekend. Apparently they get a May Day public holiday here, so this weekend is a long weekend. I tell you, this place has way more public holidays, including the ACT, where we get Canberra Day in March *and* ‘Family and Community Day’ (a.k.a. Melbourne Cup Day) off work.

Downside is that the long weekends always catch me by surprise, so I never manage to make plans in time to go away. Although, I did kind of give up on making plans for weekends because I always seem to get sick on the weekends, so maybe it’s a moot point.

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Take that, MICE

Sunday 26th April – 5 months, 10 days

Overheard in the Barbie Dream House last night, after a successful two days of mouse-hunting (2 days, 1 lizard* and 2 mice severely deadibonesed thanks to marvellous newfangled mousetrap):

Matt: Where do you think the third mouse is?
Kate: Hopefully, in a corner somewhere, shakin’ in its furry little boots! Ha!

  • We both hated accidentally catching the gecko, because they are super cute and eat mozzies, but there are so many, we can’t help it if they are inquisitive about the foodstuffs we leave on the mousetrap...

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