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July 2009

Guess who just taught a bellydance class?

Saturday 4th July – 7 months, 18 days

  • I* just taught a bellydancing class!

Really it started with a friend saying a couple of weeks ago that she had danced in her house the other night, and it made her feel happy, and so she had decided she wanted to dance more. She asked me if I wanted to get together and just dance some time, as she knew I love dancing. I’ve been meaning to have a fun girls’ night with bellydancing for months, so this was the catalyst for me emailing Motion nightclub to ask if they had a free night where we could use the bar room for dancing.

We had seven of us in the end, including some people I hadn’t met before. People asked if I would do it again, and although I had planned for it to be a one-off, I thought since people want to and I enjoyed it, it would be fun. So I’ll be trying to find a regular night.

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Tuesday 30th June – Sunday 5th July – 7 months, 14-19 days

I have spent this week wondering just how long I can ‘live’ in a house that has all the stuff wrong with it from the previous ‘house’ entry, plus these, without going insane:

- Airconditioning broken (worked fine at the old house! How hard is it to uninstall and reinstall an airconditioner without breaking it?)

- Unuseable gas stove. It worked fine at the old house. Somewhere in transit it lost all its gas, so I got the bottle refilled (this took a whole day fitting the epic journey around work). But then I discovered it might have a leak. So now I can’t use it until I find someone to check it out (and there may not actually be a person in the whole of East Timor who has the skills or the tools necessary, so wish me luck).

- Water mysteriously off for two days straight.

- Kitchen light which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. (The kitchen door doesn’t lock either, and that is more serious than it sounds because the kitchen is a separate hut here, but I have resigned myself to this one; I say, good luck to anyone who wants to steal my plastic plates.)

- Blackouts around 7 each night (so you have to start cooking dinner as soon as you get home from work if you don’t want a blackout halfway through). I’ve learnt to strategically place candles around the flat, leave the matches / lighter in the same place, keep the torch with me at night, etc.

- Lights which sometimes flicker and refuse to be on – so that I race out and buy new fluorescent tubes – but then work perfectly well the next day, so that I wonder if I should bother changing them after all.

- ONE powerpoint, let me repeat that, ONE powerpoint for the entire flat – which is approximately four inches from the ceiling in the corner where the bed has to go. I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but I just want to emphasise that I have a 6-outlet powerboard dangling above my bed because of this.

- Oh, and my phone has decided to stop working properly (still get prank phone calls though – great) – so I have to go to Timor Telecom sometime to get that looked at.

Oh. My. God. I’ve had people to look at the airconditioner, and it seems to work now... sort of. Just have to concentrate on getting one item fixed at a time (it is madness to expect to be able to do more than one chore in a day in Dili).

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Elfrina Arcango de Jesus de Gracu Li da Cruz

Monday 29th June – 7 months, 13 days (3 months, 21 days)

Timorese people often have really long names (and are often known by another unrelated nickname), and I reckon my friend Elfrina (a.k.a. Karen) has one of the longer ones. Previously the standard for me was Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, but Karen beats good old Dumbledore by three whole syllables.

Elfrina says:
Arcando is from Saint Michael
Jesus is from the man himself
Gracu is blessing from God
Li da Cruz is her family name.

All of the names besides first and family name are to give her blessing, protection etc. I found the naming after Jesus and Saint Michael a bit odd until she explained this point.

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