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August 2009

A note on positive and negative thinking

On reading these few entries over that I’ve posted today, and thinking about various different conversations I’ve had about positivity and negativity, acceptance, etc, some more thoughts occurred to me.

Sometimes here, what I write probably comes across as complaining. In reality, I’m just telling you what my life is like here. The reality is that it is hard and quite a lot of frustrating things happen. I am more patient and less frustrated these days when these things happen (e.g. did not worry about car breaking down as knew we would get back to Dili somehow) but perhaps that doesn’t come across all of the time.

I do try to stay away from unnecessary negativity (despite various bleating emails and phone calls when I’m feeling sad), but I don’t believe in sugarcoating and I don’t believe in pretending that things are marvellous when they’re not. I *could* say ‘Oh I had a marvellous time interviewing the other day, everything went really well and then the car broke down so I had this wonderful opportunity to sit on the side of the road for two hours’. But that would be an absolute lie and I would sound insane and not myself. Interviewing is rewarding, but difficult, and I don’t always receive the help I need. We were all exhausted and the car hire company mucked us around. My friend missed out on a social engagement she had in the evening.

Sometimes the important part of positivity is not an absence of complaint but the will to keep going.

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More interviews... le sigh.

I try everything and yet I can’t do much if someone says ‘I’ll help you find interviewees’ but neglects to tell me they have other work that day and couldn’t be bothered to actually find interviewees beforehand.

Which essentially is actually them saying ‘I’ll help you’ and then actually just totally not.

I learned another lesson: The car broke down not two minutes drive from Dili. Instead of sitting on the side of the mountain for nearly two hours, we could’ve walked over the hill, caught a taxi and been home in half an hour.
Now I am battling the car hire company (they want me to pay the full price – I don’t think so).

Next time, I’ll just start walking. We realised later that the reason nobody stopped to give us a lift (we would have accepted one) was probably because we *weren’t* walking.

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Saturday 15th August


Sorry to be so jubilant about your death, mouse. If you weren’t crawling on me I’d think you were cute.

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Damn it

Friday 14th August – 8 months, 29 days

Caught a gecko with the trap last night. Sorry, gecko.

On the other hand, mouse seems to have buggered off for a bit. This happened last time, too – gecko went for the trap first but the mice got done too in the end. *fingers crossed*

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Mouse Hunt Update

Half an hour later

God, the worst part is that it crawled up my back – and I didn’t feel it until it was on my shoulder – so I keep wondering if it’s creeping up behind me again. Second worst part is that I caught it skittering around amongst the pans I keep in the antechamber (bit between bedroom and bathroom that serves as kitchen for electric stuff).


Mouse, don’t matter if you don’t like peanut butter, I will buy chicken, I will buy offal, I will buy caviar, everything in these shops in order to get your little head down on that snappy chopping block.

People keep telling me I’m strong and resourceful, so I’ll be damned if that doesn’t work on YOU, you furry little bastard.

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