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December 2008

I didn’t do a lot of work this week:

Day 23-26 (Tuesday 9th December – Friday 12th December)

Monday: public holiday
Tuesday: meetings in Tetum, feeling sick
Wednesday: sick
Thursday: sick
Friday: still sick, but went back to work

Stupid tonsillitis / malai illness (a few other volunteers are sick too).

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Observations on cold and hot weather clothing

Have I mentioned it’s hot? Oh.

When walking about at night time, Matt and I have often realised with a slight shock that we are not in Canberra. How do we know this? Is it the makeshift barbecues burning in petrol drums? Is it the cute brown kids playing at the sides of the road? Is it perhaps the friendly people who greet us in Tetum, ‘Bonoiti’?


It is the fact that, as we say, gleefully –

‘Hey! It’s night time, we’re going out, and we’re not wearing jumpers, or coats...’

‘-or scarves, or-‘

‘-beanies, and gloves, and jeans...’

‘knee socks...’

‘hot water bottle in underpants...’

The last was Matt’s addition, the last time we went through this list. You may decide for yourself whether or not he was serious.

What I find truly unbelievable is that although I thought this was so funny that I still crack up every time I think of it, a week later, Matt insists that it isn’t that funny, and that other things he says are much funnier (which I don’t laugh at).

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Another long weekend!

Day 20 (Saturday 6th December) to Day 22 (Monday 8th December)

Man I love long weekends and here where I am, as I have said earlier, really getting into the swing of Not Doing Much, I love ‘em just a little more. Today we went to the beach / Caz Bar for breakfast (again – I see a pattern developing here) and ended up staying for lunch, just ‘cause we were enjoying our books and had wisely not made any engagements for the rest of the day. Then we came home and I read all afternoon (yay for free online book websites and the seventh Harry Potter book) while Matt vowed to win Spider Solitaire (four-suit option) once, just once damn you computer.

It’s extremely boring for a blog entry, but man, it was GREAT. Ahhh.

Yesterday was slightly more exciting, that is if you think it is exciting to walk to an internet cafe in the rain, end up staying longer than you intended because the rain suddenly gets heavier, then attempt to leave only to find the entire street has flooded. (OK I admit I did find it a bit exciting. So I’m boring. Eh.) Fun times! Our shoes are still drying out.

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First working week

Day 16 (Tuesday 2nd December) to Day 19 (Friday 5th December)

Really, I spent my first week at work observing what everyone does and thinking what a nice view there is from the front of my building and from the window in my office. This sounds like I was doing not much at all. Hmm. No really! Observation is important! I do not wish to barge in, an oafish Westerner, demanding everyone’s attention for my genius in reforming women’s and men’s lives.

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Tempting fate (EDIT: I was right, I *was* tempting fate by writing this entry)

In my last fortnight in Canberra, unlike the other five years previous, I developed severe hayfever. So severe that it stopped me from packing, because it’s really hard to concentrate on thoughts like will-I-need-this-brush-in-the-next-year when you are sneezing so violently and randomly that you can’t talk and you fall over. Heidi, best flatmate ever, not only went out and found herbal anti-sneezing tablets (I'm allergic to antihistamines, natch), she even said ‘I don’t mind if you are sneezing all over the floor [I was, great gobs of phlegm, ew], it’s not like you’re contagious!’. Ah good times.* I was a bit upset about the hayfever, as Canberra had previously been my allergy haven – I thought perhaps the cold, dry climate agreed with my persnickety nose.

I hung on grimly with the thought that at least if it didn’t clear up I would be leaving Canberra for the North Coast, where these days my allergies are merely present, more than disabling. After that – i.e. coming to Timor – I was not so sure. I figured that with my delicate and temperamental sinuses I would probably be allergic to some plant or something that nobody else ever is in Timor. So, resignedly, I packed some more of the awesome herbal anti-sneezing tablets, ‘cause hey, this is me. I sneeze. A lot. And not just cute little a-tishoo! -type sneezing. Oh no. Children cower and animals flee when I sneeze, a giant honking sneeze I believe I inherited from Dad.

But so far... two weeks... and nothing. I don’t wake up in the morning and have to blow my nose. I don’t go out to work and sneeze eight times in a row in the first hour. Both of these things are normal, everyday, non-hayfever-festival occurrences for me. If anything, I have got healthier, because the cough I have had *since May* has just about cleared up.

  • Heidi, I have never had a sister and I know as an only child you have often wondered what it would be like. I am pretty sure that both the sweet and the slightly gleeful sides of your evaluation of my sneeze-o-rama illustrate what sisters are about pretty well.

EDIT: As of Monday 8th, I was sick. Not with hayfever though, some kind of tonsillitis-y thing. Ah well!

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