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December 2008

First day at work

Day 15 (1st December 2008)

Well it was a slow one, because quite a lot of people were out in the districts, the most important of which being my counterpart. However I was given some good, useful overview documents to read, the best of which was handover notes from the last UNIFEM Gender Adviser. Oh UNIFEM Gender Adviser, I could hug you, for all your lovely notes. So that’ll be my starting point.

I had no expectations regarding my workplace (as directed) so it’s been very pleasant indeed to discover that I am working in a gorgeous Portuguese colonial building that overlooks the beach, has airconditioning and offices and internet and two hour lunch breaks.


  • ahem* Excuse me, I just couldn't help myself.

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Oh, just stuff

Day 14 (30th November 2008)

Matt and I went to the beach again on Sunday morning – down to Caz Bar. This time I had delicious French toast with bacon. Mmm bacon. I could have eaten about 14 pieces of bacon.

Learning experience: if you think you see your destination, bring it to the taxi driver’s attention. We nearly got all the way to the Cristo Rei (the Christ Statue), which is, uh, quite some way past our destination. Oops.

The water was dirtier but cooler this week – I’ll take that trade off. I feel the cold easily but I don’t really like swimming in soup.

Later it was to Glenda’s for lunch (delicious spaghetti, thankyou) and then another lazy Sunday afternoon. My my I’m acclimatising to Not Doing Much very quickly.

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Argh, argh


I've been off sick with some form of mild virus / tonsillitis (as have a few volunteers - perhaps this is some kind of malai bug?), so am behind with blog entries. Expect this to remain the status quo.

This doesn't, however, mean that I won't update, merely that entries'll be a bit delayed. I've got a few waiting and I'll be writing more this weekend.

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This time last year...

This time last year... The Beach and The Election version

The Beach version

I commented to Matt last week while we were having our first swim of the summer in the still, warm waters of the beach (completely flat and good for wussy swimmers like me), that the last swim we’d had was at New Year, on the coast near Canberra. I’d thought at the time that it would probably be my only swim of the summer and I vaguely wondered where my next one would be, next summer. Well guess what, January 2008 Kate... EAST TIMOR!!! Betcha didn’t see that one coming!

The Election / MLX version (Melbourne Lindy Exchange)

This weekend last year (or maybe last, but anyway, MLX is on this weekend) Matt and I were down the beach at Melbourne’s Luna Park, about to get excited about the election results and consequently miss an MLX ball because we were glued to the TV and doing victory dances at our hosts’ house. We did make it to the after party though. What a lovely memory. Good times.

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hello, boredom, forgot what you looked like

Day 13

Glenda, our country manager, arranged for a couple of nice blokes from the language school here to take us to the markets this morning. V. humid but worth it to see all the awesome fruit, vegies, and bins of coloured seeds and beans. Unhappy chooks and meat covered in flies, not so much, but still an experience you have to have. I want Matt to come back with his spiffy camera and take a picture of the seed bins for me (you’ll understand why if he does, they will make a beautiful picture).

I bought half a dozen tiny limes for 50 cents and, oh, eight or nine local avocadoes for the same amount again. Did you hear me people??? AVOCADOES!!! They were up to $3 each at home last time I looked!!! We told our guides (Joss and Jon) and they laaaaaughed. Silly malai. (Foreigners.)

After recovering from the heat, the rest of the day has involved Scrabble, watching MASH and getting bored enough to fall asleep even though I probably didn’t need to. This is another thing I came to Timor for: to have time to get bored. I like doing lots of things but since starting my Masters it’s made me more freaked out and stressed than anyone needs to be.

So I slept and now I’m writing blog entries, because I have time. I think – I hope – my usual adage doesn’t hold in this case: that the amount of time I have to write journal entries about my life varies in direct inverse proportion to the amount of things I am actually doing. I will have more time to write over here, but I think I will have plenty to write about.

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