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December 2008

Best public holiday ever

Day 12

So I have been wayyy too busy, and thus too exhausted, to even write entries at home to transfer to the net. But the public holiday today (Timorese Independence Day) meant no language classes, and therefore THE DAY WAS MINE! Muahaha!

The day started well with a sleepin. Since I have been getting up so early, for me, a sleepin meant 7.30am. However this meant I could take a walk and househunt... which led Matt and I to a four bedroom hovel/concrete bunker filled with garbage (literally). Only $1000 US per month! Bargain! (Our budget is about $500 tops.) So, this was not so awesome. Neither was the super slow $4-an-hour internet cafe (great airconditioning though). We tried it because the other place we’ve been going is $6 an hour, and that is prohibitively expensive for us poorbie volunteers.

So Matt and I decided it was time for something that couldn’t fail to work out – lunch – and took a punt on the rumah makan (Indo for restaurant / literally ‘house eat’) where we had been shown the dodgy house. OMG. $4 for 2 plates loaded with rice, curried tofu, fried chicken and yummy greens, plus drinks. Thank you, rumah makan. I did say to Matt as we left ‘This is a bargain – if we don’t get sick’. So far, not sick. I’ll report again later. [LATER EDIT: We did not get sick! Bargain!]

Giddy with the success of lunch, we decided to check out the One Dollar Fast Broadband Connection internet place across the road. I noticed this place walking home a different way the other day, so I have to thank Susanne for inviting me to lunch down the road – I wouldn’t have found it otherwise, I think.
Now I had kind of – ok totally – suspected that the sign out front which says ‘One Dollar Fast Broadband Connection’ was a good indicator that any internettage contained within was exactly the opposite. If the $6 place is kinda slow, and the $4 place is unusable, surely the $1 people can’t afford a decent connection????

Was I happy to be wrong. Cheap, fast internet, oh how you made my day. We were on such a high. Man I love the internet. I can handwash my clothes, I can wash my hair in a bucket, I can live without airconditioning at home (admittedly I am facing the prospect of these things at the moment rather than having to do them – life is posh in the guesthouse), but if I have a place to visit that has fast, cheap internet, then life is peachy.

The rest of the day has been quiet, involving playing spider solitaire on our laptops (also Maniac Mansion for Matt - don’t ask) and basking in the airconditioning in our little guest house room. Best public holiday evah.

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Counting Days

Days 3 to 11

I’ve been counting the days since I got here and I thought I’d keep a record in my blog, too. There are a couple of reasons behind this.

It’s kind of a coping mechanism for me – a little game. I am a homebody. I am not a traveller. I get grumpy when I am hungry and can’t find something I want (e.g. batteries) in the shops. Counting the days, I thought, could be a kind of marker of something I’ve achieved. One day without insisting that I want to go home. Two days without insisting that I want to go home.

However, one reason I decided to undertake this particular adventure was that it would be quite different to backpacking, or hopping from one country to another, which a lot of people would prefer. I was (still am) much happier about the prospect of establishing a little base and actually living in a different country.

I might come back throughout the year, but at this stage it’s extremely expensive and I think it will probably unsettle me when I’ve enjoyed so much of this so far.
Also – on a happy note – so far it has been more – wow, 5 days and I have done so much. 11 days and there is so much to do. I feel a bit like when my friend Doug and I moved into 203/16 Moore Street, and three weeks after we moved in, we were like ‘Oh man! I can’t believe we ONLY have another 11 months here! This place is awesome!’. I am glad that I have another 11 months here, because it means I’ll actually get a chance to fit in so many cool things – without feeling panicky that I won’t get to do much and then run myself into the ground trying to do everything.

Of course, the fact that I don’t *have* a home in Canberra at the moment is also a good incentive to stay here :) I also had my ‘argh I miss my flat, my bed, my friends, my stuff, I could go home right now’ moment while I was still in Queensland. Except, of course, I’d packed up my stuff and given up my home. Ah well! I had a good day today, I’m happy, and so far even when I’ve been cranky I’ve been sure I want to hang around and see how things turn out here.

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