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And the rains came down 01.10.2009
Suspended due to technical difficulties 01.10.2009
Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad 05.09.2009
Just a thought on government nepotism 05.09.2009
‘Tour de Dili’, Independence Anniversary Referendum 05.09.2009
Farewell 05.09.2009
Probably not necessary 05.09.2009
I swear everyone has been in a meeting with the President... 05.09.2009
Chega Exhibition (trigger warning, describes violence) 31.08.2009
The Tour de Timor and the 10th Anniversary of the Referendum 31.08.2009
At the beach again 31.08.2009
Dili is not even a small town: it’s just insane 31.08.2009
These are the moments that you come for 31.08.2009
I should just never *say* I’m taking ‘annual leave’ 30.08.2009
I hate you tonsillitis 30.08.2009
On conversations about marriage in Timor 30.08.2009
Beach beach beach beach beach 30.08.2009
A note on positive and negative thinking 20.08.2009
Also 20.08.2009
SUCCESS 20.08.2009
Damn it 20.08.2009
Mouse Hunt Update 20.08.2009
THAT’S IT 20.08.2009
Teh Intarwebs Are Not Teh Evil 20.08.2009
Exhaustion. Again. 20.08.2009
*sings* INTER-VIEW TIME AGAIN! 20.08.2009
This place is amazing. 20.08.2009
exhausted 20.08.2009
Showing Alice and Jane around 20.08.2009
I’ve hit the bored stage 20.08.2009
Wrecked 13.08.2009
How to deal with things in Timor 29.07.2009
Trip to Baucau for Thesis Interviews - Interviews 29.07.2009
Trip to Baucau for Thesis Interviews - Baucau 29.07.2009
Timor is Opposites Land 29.07.2009
*shrugs* That’s what working here is like. 29.07.2009
I’m still counting. *shrug* Deal with it. 29.07.2009
Today’s touristy activity... 29.07.2009
AGH A MOUSE 29.07.2009
The bak mandi challenge 29.07.2009
My favourite part of the year 29.07.2009
More weekend 29.07.2009
Weekend 29.07.2009
Oh and 29.07.2009
Herminio’s adventures in Australia 29.07.2009
If I could choose a superpower in Dili... 29.07.2009
Did I mention... 29.07.2009
*shakes head* 29.07.2009
Western anger vs. Timorese acceptance 29.07.2009
House update 27.07.2009
Lotta yang energy 27.07.2009
Guess who just taught a bellydance class? 27.07.2009
Seriously 27.07.2009
Elfrina Arcango de Jesus de Gracu Li da Cruz 27.07.2009
I think I require a lot of energy 26.06.2009
Why doesn’t China 26.06.2009
News round-up 26.06.2009
Sam, Tarzan and Max 26.06.2009
Timorese kids 26.06.2009
Things I won’t miss when I leave Timor 26.06.2009
Things I will miss when I leave Timor 26.06.2009
Choir Camp at Maubara 26.06.2009
I love 27 degree ‘winter’ days 26.06.2009
I do love my job 26.06.2009
Living in Dili 26.06.2009
Uma Kiik 26.06.2009
Uma Kiik benefits 26.06.2009
I can’t believe I moved house in that amount of time 26.06.2009
How Australians assert their identity in East Timor 11.06.2009
No, really 11.06.2009
Transport around town 11.06.2009
My new place probably didn’t need a paint job 11.06.2009
My new place needs an amusing nickname 11.06.2009
Britney is skinny again... uh oh 11.06.2009
Nearly packed 11.06.2009
Why I love my job 11.06.2009
Surprising (to me, anyway) 11.06.2009
On reading through some of my entries 11.06.2009
Are you serious? 11.06.2009
*so grateful* 11.06.2009
Tuesday evening 11.06.2009
I know what I’ll be doing in June, July, etc until I leave 11.06.2009
*sigh* It had to happen eventually 11.06.2009
A study in houses 11.06.2009
People in the house 11.06.2009
Weekend 11.06.2009
The title of this post has been censored due to profanity 11.06.2009
I snap again 11.06.2009
... 11.06.2009
First day of June, first day of ‘winter’ 11.06.2009
The Drive Back: The Longest Road Trip Ever 11.06.2009
Politics about electricity 11.06.2009
The Book Thief 11.06.2009
Being away from it all... almost 11.06.2009
Tiny Timor 11.06.2009
Sharing a room with Elfrina 11.06.2009
Did you know there was such a thing as black rice? 11.06.2009
Pasar Same, or Burnt Out Buildings of Timor 11.06.2009
Bad Spirits at the Postu 11.06.2009
More on the Postu and why I keep rabbiting on about Timor 11.06.2009
The Postu 11.06.2009
Yes, please (grimace) 11.06.2009
No, thankyou (grimace) 11.06.2009
Observation: Girls don’t like having their photos taken 11.06.2009
Lazy Timorese / Crazy Malae 11.06.2009
The Socialisation of Gender Equality to Timor-Leste 11.06.2009
The Drive There: Erk 11.06.2009
Trip to Same and Ainaro (Manufahi District) 11.06.2009
The unit 11.06.2009
The rainy season that wouldn’t end 11.06.2009
Considering my options 11.06.2009
The worst day vs. the best day 11.06.2009
Room to let 11.06.2009
Trying to do development right 11.06.2009
Homesickness: I do not have the soul of a wanderer 11.06.2009
Watch this space 26.05.2009
National Day of Independence 26.05.2009
Well, they did name her *Britney*. 26.05.2009
Weekend 26.05.2009
6 months in Timor 26.05.2009
Friday is Cleaning Day 24.05.2009
Unemployment levels in Timor and Australia 24.05.2009
A little-noticed part of the 2009 budget 24.05.2009
Update on my work: being part of the National Priorities pro 24.05.2009
Weekend 24.05.2009
Happy Mothers’ Day, Mum :) 24.05.2009
Socialising with expats 24.05.2009
Halfway point 04.05.2009
Long weekend 04.05.2009
Stupid US dollar 04.05.2009
Happy birthday Cass 04.05.2009
Sacrificing my own dignity to bring laughs to the masses 04.05.2009
The Vagina Monologues 04.05.2009
Apparently we have another long weekend coming up 04.05.2009
Take that, MICE 04.05.2009
Anzac Day 04.05.2009
Yeah, I have no control over anything in this house 04.05.2009
Birthday dinner at Armando’s 04.05.2009
Weather report 21.04.2009
OK that’s it Tropical Bakery 21.04.2009
O yes by the way did I mention 21.04.2009
Happy birthday Patrick! 20.04.2009
So I like to gush, so sue me 20.04.2009
Happy birthday Kim! 20.04.2009
Kristy and Kev = awesome / Spontaneous Easter trip to Darwin 20.04.2009
Holiday health status 20.04.2009
Happy birthday Briony 20.04.2009
Thanks for coming to visit, Lena 20.04.2009
I am an overprivileged, overpaid Australian 20.04.2009
Having wheels was so awesome 20.04.2009
Drive to visit APHEDA projects 20.04.2009
Drive to K41 20.04.2009
Lena came to visit! 20.04.2009
Public service announcement 31.03.2009
Shameless request for books 31.03.2009
Happy 21st Birthday Sarah 19.03.2009
Taking stock 19.03.2009
Happy birthday Josh 19.03.2009
Birthday greetings for Jo 19.03.2009
Potential thesis topics 19.03.2009
Cross your fingers 19.03.2009
Happy birthday Neri 19.03.2009
I like the rain… 19.03.2009
*exasperated sigh* 19.03.2009
My job in practice 19.03.2009
Cutest child evar 19.03.2009
Timorese names 19.03.2009
Amazing what a bit of competition will do 19.03.2009
I am forgetting how to talk with good 19.03.2009
Happy birthday Kevin! 09.03.2009
First private lesson! 09.03.2009
Internet is frustrating and dinner is not 09.03.2009
Happy anniversary Mum and Dad 09.03.2009
Weekend: exhaustion, then walking up a hill 09.03.2009
International Women’s Day Exhibition 09.03.2009
Happy birthday Meg! 09.03.2009
Action not words – Women’s Peace Conference 09.03.2009
National Priorities – Timor’s getting this one right 09.03.2009
Entries about work coming up 09.03.2009
Timor Times: something for everyone! 09.03.2009
Things that make me happy 09.03.2009
Electricity 09.03.2009
Just stuff :) 01.03.2009
Summer's over 01.03.2009
Happy birthday Jack 26.02.2009
Mister One Dollar? 26.02.2009
Everybody loves a public holiday 26.02.2009
Sinister 26.02.2009
Hurrah for creature comforts 26.02.2009
Slow day 26.02.2009
Eleven roosters and two fighting dogs from sleep 22.02.2009
Sick, not sick, who knows? 22.02.2009
Geez I am tired of the capitals in the headings for entries 22.02.2009
A thought 22.02.2009
Happy 26th birthday, Vic: You would have loved it 18.02.2009
Happy birthday to the awesome Amanda! 17.02.2009
Things on my mind at the three-month point 16.02.2009
Because why wouldn’t Matt also get sick? 16.02.2009
My difficulties with having a paid cleaner 16.02.2009
Making friends is more difficult than I remembered 16.02.2009
Too much exercise 16.02.2009
Did I mention that I am sick? Because, I am sick. 16.02.2009
Anniversary, bushfires, and dengue fever 16.02.2009
Still sick 16.02.2009
Happy birthday Clinton! 16.02.2009
Sick 16.02.2009
I miss all these insignificant things 16.02.2009
Happy birthday, Dad! 01.02.2009
Weekend 01.02.2009
Affectionate embarrassment - Happy Birthday Mike 29.01.2009
Placeholder 29.01.2009
Dancing is the best thing ever 29.01.2009
Slight crisis of confidence at work 29.01.2009
Mail, Australia Day and Kezza's birthday 29.01.2009
Weekend 29.01.2009
The Divine Ms Briony Morris 29.01.2009
Things about our Neighbours I Just Don’t Understand 29.01.2009
Thoughts on our housing experience 29.01.2009
First mail 29.01.2009
Book Review: Beedle the Bard 29.01.2009
Happy 27th Birthday to Me, la la la 29.01.2009
Breakthrough at Work 29.01.2009
Readers 29.01.2009
Things we do in Timor: watch MASH 12.01.2009
Why I haven't posted many photos yet 12.01.2009
Book review: Contest, by Matthew Reilly 12.01.2009
Return to work and forms of address 12.01.2009
New bed and the Trip To The Beach 12.01.2009
Strange things that people do in Timor 12.01.2009
So much time to do... nothing, really 12.01.2009
Little thoughts 12.01.2009
:( 12.01.2009
Sick 12.01.2009
A great day :) 12.01.2009
The internet situation 12.01.2009
In which I muse on transport 12.01.2009
New Year's Eve 12.01.2009
Doing things at the drop of a hat 12.01.2009
Some kind of observational end of year post 12.01.2009
Saturday 27th December 12.01.2009
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day 12.01.2009
On hold again! 11.01.2009
This is what happens when you go to developing countries 11.01.2009
King Kate's Christmas message 22.12.2008
Damn financial crisis 22.12.2008
Weekend fun and reflection 21.12.2008
AIRCONDITIONING: Greatest invention ever 21.12.2008
Summer time is my time 21.12.2008
This time last month... 21.12.2008
I met the Governor-General today! 21.12.2008
argh 21.12.2008
Days like today are what I came to East Timor for 21.12.2008
I now live in a house for the first time since I turned 18! 13.12.2008
I didn’t do a lot of work this week: 13.12.2008
Observations on cold and hot weather clothing 13.12.2008
Another long weekend! 13.12.2008
First working week 13.12.2008
Allergies 13.12.2008
First day at work 13.12.2008
Oh, just stuff 13.12.2008
Argh, argh 11.12.2008
This time last year... 01.12.2008
hello, boredom, forgot what you looked like 01.12.2008
Ridiculous blog entry tags 01.12.2008
Getting 'round town 01.12.2008
Learning Tetum and Revising Indonesian 01.12.2008
Stuff there is and is not a lot of in Dili 01.12.2008
Heat 01.12.2008
Best public holiday ever 01.12.2008
Counting Days 01.12.2008
I never thought I would be so glad to listen to Radio Nation 18.11.2008
The text message said it all 18.11.2008
Family resemblance 12.11.2008